Shooting day

I took a new photo shoot today! I took a photo wearing the Chichibu Meisen that I wore for the first time at this year's Chichibu Night Festival ✌️ Just a glimpse of the back 🫣 I will continue to cherish the message from my hometown […]


Thankfully, there was a rush of events from late September to early October, so this week, when things have calmed down, I've been binge-watching movies, anime, and manga. Come to think of it, I just made my movie debut! Auction […]

location day

Yesterday's plan was to visit unmanned sales offices as a filming location for Chichibu Omotenashi TV's program! I never thought the day would come when I would be singing in front of an unmanned sales office (lol) By the way, this video is scheduled to be released after October! recently […]

little by little

Sorry for not updating the supporter blog for a while! After finishing the Saikonsai, things started to move little by little. I announced it the other day, but on November 3rd, the day before my birthday, I performed a one-man show at my home, Kumagaya Mortar Records. […]


Yahoo! I'm going to drive my own car with my senior on the Tohoku tour starting tomorrow, so I came here to do some maintenance on it 🚗 I've been driving my current car since I was a hatachi, and it's over 200,000 km […]

About February

Push! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update my blog at all this month 🙇🏻‍♂️ Honestly, at the beginning of February, I was in a lot of pain both physically and mentally, and it felt like I was in a long, dark tunnel. In February, a friend of mine died in an accident […]

Even if it's steady

Today I started recording and recording songs in the morning! We have been steadily recording since last year, and through various trial and error, we are preparing to deliver it in some form during Sonic City's one-man show in April. & […]

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