turning point

Yaho, is everyone okay with the change of seasons? It's been getting warmer lately and I thought I didn't need Heattech anymore, but today it's cold and I'm wearing Heattech tops and bottoms. Every year around this time, I feel a little unwell [...]

Happy Valentine

I often hear "Happy Valentine's Day," but I wondered what it meant, so I looked it up and found out that it means "Happy Valentine's Day" or "Have a good time." I knew? […]

Health first

I went for a health check in the morning today. It was my first health check since I was working at a delivery company in my early 20s. Around that time, I was drinking a lot, and my uric acid levels were high for my age, so I was told I was at risk for gout.

At this time of the day

It was pre-production (temporary recording before recording)! It feels good. I wonder if it will be delivered in early spring. I think I'll talk about that tomorrow at the Mika meeting I wrote about in my last blog (the date has changed to today, February 1st). […]

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