Shun Mikami
Real name: Mikami Shun
Nickname: Mikashun
Date of birth: November 4, 1992 Scorpio
Birthplace: Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Blood type: B

A singer-songwriter from Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.

The worldview he creates with his high tone voice that seems to ride on the wind and the tones of the acoustic guitar that soothe the hearts of the listeners, while valuing the common words that fly around in everyday life, has captivated many fans.

Since November 2020, he has held a one-man live performance at the Chichibunomiya Memorial Civic Hall in his hometown of Chichibu for three consecutive years.

In July 2022, he will hold his own outdoor festival “Saitamasai” at Chichibu Muse Park.

A one-man live will be held at Omiya Sonic City Small Hall in April 2023.

He has created many theme songs for companies and festivals, tie-ups for radio programs and TV commercials, and image songs for local stores, and is currently expanding his activities throughout the country, mainly in Saitama Prefecture.

・April 2nd: 1st singing album “Aun no Naka de” released
・April-June "Aun no Naka de" release tour 2017 held
・June 3rd, “Aun no Naka de” release tour 2017 final one-man held at Shindaita Crossing, Tokyo
・October 6th: Released 2nd single “Hayabusa” produced by huenica
・October to December “Dear Sir, In front of the PA table with love TOUR2017” will be held.
・December 8th, “Dear Sir, TOUR2017 FINAL with love in front of the PA table” will be held at Shindaita Crossing in Tokyo with Ai Higuchi as a guest (SOLD OUT)

・On January 7th, I held my first Mikami Brother's Meeting with my brother Hajime Mikami (occupation: chiropractor) at Fuchu Okunitama Acupuncture Clinic in Tokyo! <SOLD OUT>
・April 5th “Otomachi Tour” will be held in collaboration with Kumagaya Mortar Records! From then on, it will be held every month.
・May 19th: 3rd single “Boku wa Guardman” produced by Shoichi Fujikawa will be sold for download and limited to 100 copies.
・May to July “Otomachi Tour 2018” held
・July 3rd single “Boku wa Guardman” limited edition of 100 sold out.
・October 7th: Participated in the singing and singing stage at WAKE UP FES 2018 held at Sai no Kuni Kumagaya Dome.
・One-man live held at Kumagaya Mortar Records on November 2nd! <SOLD OUT>
・Otomachi Tour Year-end Special will be held at Kumagaya Mortar Records every Thursday in December for 4 weeks! It's a great success and packed every week.

・April to June Shinjidai Tour 2019 ~Chapter 1~ Start & Crowdfunding to collect production costs for CD & MV
・June 7th: Crowdfunding target amount of 800,000 yen achieved, 883,000 yen collected.

・June 12th: Shinjidai Tour ~End of Chapter 1~ held at Kumagaya Mortar Records, Saitama

・June-September Shinjidai Tour 2019 ~Chapter 2~ Start

・October 1st: Shinjidai Tour 2019 ~Final Chapter~ solo performance will be held at Shibuya O-Crest. We mobilized 100 people, the highest ever.
・October 2: Released the first nationally distributed Karuma-EP from Mortar Records.

・Karuma-EP release tour held in about 40 locations nationwide from October to December

・October 7th: Appointed as Chichibu FM Radio Personality

・December Karuma-EP release tour final was held in Kasukabe, Chichibu, and Kumagaya for 3 days in local Saitama. It was a great success with full houses at all locations.


・January 6th: Regular radio program "Mikami Hayabusa's Oriteko Night!!" begins in earnest on Chichibu FM. The program will end at the end of the year.

・May ~ “Go for it! ◯◯!! Project” started during the coronavirus pandemic

・July 21st: Produced and released “Happy☆Happy Train”, a song to support the area along the Chichibu Railway.

・November 1st: Held his first one-man singing hall concert at Chichibunomiya Memorial Civic Center, a local hall in Chichibu. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we mobilized about 200 people, the highest ever.


・April 21st: Released 2nd EP ``Rely'' from Mortar Records, the 2nd nationally distributed album. The included song "If your wishes come true" will be selected as the CM tie-up song for "Miracon 2022".

・From April to July, 2nd EP “Rely” release tour will be held at approximately 20 locations nationwide..

・July 4th 2nd EP "Rely" release tour final held at HEAVEN'S ROCK Kumagaya VJ-1 with guest Daisuke Kaihoku (LOST IN TIME).

・November 28th: To commemorate the 10th anniversary of our activities, we held our second hall one-man live at Chichibunomiya Memorial Civic Hall, a local hall in Chichibu.


・March 11th Digital distribution single “Fuyu no Hana” released

・On July 24th, the outdoor festival “Saitamasai” will be held at Chichibu Muse Park.

・October 9: Created the theme song for the local Chichibu Ryusei Festival, ``Ryusei ~Omoi wo Onde~'', and performed it for the first time on the day of the Ryusei Festival.

・November 19th: Held his third one-man live at Chichibunomiya Memorial Civic Center.

On the same day, a double A-side single “Fuyu no Hana / Soba ni Ni Nemo” was released.


・April 29th: One-man live held at Omiya Sonic City Small Hall.

On the same day, the 3rd EP “What is more important than singing” was released.


•Birth to kindergarten age
Born on November 4, 1992 in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, as the second son of the Mikami family. Apparently, she cried a lot for the first few weeks after she was born, and her father foolishly made her drink a lot of milk, thinking that she must be hungry, and as a result, she quickly gained weight. She hates kindergarten and is a shut-in who doesn't go to school and only stays at home watching games and anime. My grandfather practiced kendo, so when I remember, I was standing in the dojo holding a bamboo sword. Not knowing that it was the entrance to hell.

•Elementary school days
He was about the third from the back in his class, with a chubby body, and was shy, turning red just by making eye contact with a girl. His nickname at this time was Enari (because he resembled Kazuki Enari with his shaved head and drooping eyes and eyebrows). He spends his nights practicing Kendo. I didn't want to go to kendo, so I was thinking about how to take time off every day. My cousin called me fat when I was in third grade! These words made me decide to lose weight. By the time I reached senior year, I became what I am today. I started playing the guitar by imitating my brother's guitar playing at home.

•Encounter with music ~ leading up to solo activities
In the spring of his first year of high school, he was invited by a friend to go to a local live music venue and was so impressed that he formed a band. He started a band as a guitar and vocalist, but the drummer at the time left before the live show, so he switched to being a drummer because he wanted to be in a band no matter what. Started activities as a drum vocalist. After graduating from high school, he entered a drum vocational school and moved to Tokyo. However, the band he was in at the time disbanded. When the band disbanded, he decided to sing alone.

He continues to spread his name throughout the country as a traveling singer.

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