Power play on Radio!

It has been decided that the new song “Seishun Limited” will be performed as a power play on the local Chichibu radio station, Chichibu FM! It will be broadcast for one week from February 7th (Wednesday) to February 13th (Tuesday). Click here for the broadcast schedule ↓ February 7th (Wednesday) 9:00 pm February 8th (Thursday) 13:00 […]

TV appearance information

In the corner of the high school student support project "Aoharu no Mukou Gawa", which will be broadcast on TV Saitama from 16:30 on Wednesday, January 31st, Jun Mikami will perform a new song written for the students with his alma mater's Chichibu Agriculture and Technology chorus club. A video of them singing together will be broadcast. Click here for the program website

Power play on Radio!

Ryusei Festival theme song "Ryusei ~Omoi wo wo Te~" will be featured in Radio Power Play on Chichibu FM from October 2nd (Monday) to October 8th (Sunday)! The broadcast times are scheduled to be as follows ↓ October 2nd (Monday) 10:00 pm October 3rd ([…]

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