Power play on Radio!


It has been decided that the new song “Seishun Limited” will be performed as a power play on the local Chichibu radio station, Chichibu FM!

It will be broadcast for one week from February 7th (Wednesday) to February 13th (Tuesday).


Click here for the broadcast schedule↓

February 7th (Wednesday) 9:00amstand
February 8th (Thursday) 13:00stand
February 9th (Friday) 16:00stand
February 10th (Sat) 13:00stand
February 11th (Sunday) 10amstand
February 12th (Monday) 20:00stand
February 13th (Tuesday) 15:00stand
*Please note that due to live broadcasting, the schedule may change without prior notice.
You can listen to it anywhere in the country on FM Purapura.

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