Requests and cautions to customers attending the Mikami Hayabusa Hall one-man live performance


Please be sure to read this if you are attending the Mikami Hayabusa Hall one-man live "Born in this Town".

~Please note to our customers~

We will take sufficient safety measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

For those who will be visiting, please cooperate with the following infection prevention measures.

・If you are not feeling well with symptoms such as fever of 37.2 degrees or higher, cough, or whole body pain, please refrain from visiting. If you suspect that you are infected or have had contact with the virus, please refrain from visiting.

・We will take your temperature and disinfect you upon arrival. We appreciate your cooperation in this case. Please note that if you have a fever or are not feeling well, we may refuse entry to the venue.

・Please cooperate with infection prevention measures such as frequent hand washing and disinfection.

・Please wear a mask when visiting. Customers who do not cooperate with wearing masks may be asked not to enter.

・Please cut the ticket stub yourself and put it in the designated place.

・In order to understand the route of infection in case someone becomes infected, all visitors will be asked to write their address, name, and phone number.

・Customers other than for pre-sales purposes, please arrive 10 minutes before the venue opens. When the venue opens, a staff member will call you in order of serial number. Please note that if you are not present when you call, your number will be invalid.

・Please refrain from eating or having loud conversations inside the facility.

・When waiting in line for entrance/exit, merchandise sales, restrooms, etc., please help maintain distance between customers.

・After the performance, please follow the instructions of the staff and leave the venue promptly without stopping if your purpose is not to sell products.

・We do not provide cloakroom service, so please refrain from bringing large luggage. There are lockers on the 1st and 2nd floors, so please leave your small luggage there.

・Please do not place your luggage on seats that are not available.

・Please understand that our staff will be wearing masks, refraining from speaking as much as possible, and providing services while maintaining social distance.

・Please refrain from cheering for the performers, handing or giving presents, or waiting to enter or leave the venue.

If you feel unwell at the venue, please do not push yourself too hard and immediately notify a staff member.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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