Power play on Radio!

Ryusei Festival theme song "Ryusei ~Omoi wo wo Te~" will be featured in Radio Power Play on Chichibu FM from October 2nd (Monday) to October 8th (Sunday)!


Broadcast times are scheduled to be as follows ↓

10/2 (Monday) 10 o'clock
10/3 (Tue) 9:00 am
10/4 (Wednesday) 10 o'clock
10/5 (Thu) 16:00
10/6 (Fri) 20:00
10/7 (Sat) 13:00
10/8 (Sunday) 8:00 am

*The time may change suddenly. note that.


*You can listen anywhere in the country with the smartphone app “FM Pla Pla” ↓


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